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So. Major uber hugo giganto crush on hot girl from camp.
She's like some sort of porcelain doll, only dressed in 80s punk rags.
Perfect clear blue eyes and doll hair (short aND THICK WITH BANGS)
was blonde, dyed black. Rail thin, practically no figure, but gorgeous
because of that. FReckles sprinkled across her little doll nose.
(cliche) rosebud mouth, long eyelashes like black spiderwebs.
Long thin neck like you wouldn't believe, hugs for sad people
and smiles for everyone who needs it. She smiles at me, wrote a
poem for me when I was sick. Made me coffee when I needed it most.
So I want her, but oh, she's straight. Running into the same wall
over and over again.


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oh goddess

that sucks. i'm sorry hun. also, this girl has to be straight, because if she weren't she would be too perfect and the world would collapse upon itself or something...

"first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"---Ghandi

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she sounds like the perfect girl.i think i like her,but i dont know her.lol!