where do i draw the line?

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this might sound retarded but.. i consider myself a bisexual, but honestly im only interested in girls. i still am attracted to some guys, but i feel like i'd rather get on a girl. i've been comfortable with just saying i'm bi for so long, but now talking to people and trying to sort out my feelings for my sorta ex is making me think i might just be a lesbian. where do i draw the line? has anyone bi eventually just chosen something to stick to after having a dilema like this?

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I said I was bi for years and

I said I was bi for years and then upon taking a real good look at myself, my life, and who I was honestly more attracted to I decided that lesbian was more accurate. Honestly whatever you are comfortable calling yourself is just what you should be. If other people can't get that then screw em. Peace.

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ahh! label alert!

i just posted some long senseless ramble about rage against the labels but hell, i like rambling! i really dont give a fuck about what people want to label you as. i mean, there are infinite levels of "straightness" and "gayness" and anything else you want to add, for example mostly straignt and part gay. and it changes, too. eventually, it might become mostly gay and part straignt. and a little more gay. (i'm only using gayness and straightness as examples right now, sorry!) so.... love who you want to... as far as i'm concerned, almost everyone in the world is bi....

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Im feeling exsacally the

Im feeling exsacally the same as you! Ive decided not to lable myself yet, its kind of hard in a way, its like you dont reallly know who you are but you get used tyo it i guess.
I think obne of the main things stopping me thinking im a lesbian is that im shit scared of being one. If you make it so your not scared it'll b easyier to revel you true feeling to yourself.
Wow listen to me being all emotional and deep. theres a first time for everything.

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Hey me too!

Hey that's me too! Actually I'm not scarder (word?) of being lesbian than bi, so that's not much of a factor, but I'm really not feeling happy about labels at the moment. I'm just Queer I suppose. Don't feel pressure to tie yourself to a label just to explain yourself, you're more complex than a label, plus they can be limiting. I kind of like just plain Queer because it covers most anything. But that's just me.


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Call yourself a lesbian when

Call yourself a lesbian when you're dating a girl, and bi when you're dating a guy. You wouldn't be lying in either case, as the obviously if you find a suitable guy then you should be more interested in that guy than in any girl if you were dating.

You can still have the best of both worlds.


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do you really need a line? li

do you really need a line? lines are straight, you're obviously not, problem solved....

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a "title" is not what you need. You are who you are, and you shouldn't need to be categorized by "gay, straight, lesbian, bi." I mean, most of us know what we are, but some don't, and you don't really need to. If you want to be with a girl, go ahead, be with her. And if you want to be with a guy, go ahead, be with him. Everyone is trying to categorize themselves and it is just causing them extra stress. Maybe waiting and seeing will help make things more clear. Good luck.


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