Why am i here

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Just thought i'd let whoever cares know why i am here. i was a very confused person in middle school. Inside and out. I wasn't really comfortable with the fact that i found girls attractive like i might find myself staring at their ass or legs or breasts. Women are very beautiful creatures to say the least. So in 7th grade i declared myself to my closest friends that i was bi. I soon got fed up with guys and decided i was going to be a chosen lesbian cause i thought that would be so much easier needless to say it wasn't and i still really didn't know what i wanted. So soon after becoming a chosen lesbian i realized it wasn't for me and was bi again. Sounds odd but that's how confused i was I bounced back and forth until i got to ninth grade and decided that it would just be easier if i did what society wanted me to do. Since then i have only been straight. I haven't talked to any girls or allow myself to let anyone know that i was attracted to females until the beginning of 11th grade. But now i just really don't know wha I am or what kind of sexual orientation i have.


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I had the same problem. Then

I had the same problem. Then I found out i was truly a lesbian. it's confusing, I know. But don't settle for what society wants. If you do you'll never be happy.

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Girl you need to just be yourself. I mean girls are beautiful ya know and if you like em then you like em. You cant really change who you are. I love girls and I am not going to change myself for some stupid ass straight people who think my ways are immoral. I like this girl right now who is like the most beautiful thing on this planet, and I would absolutely kill myself if I didn't try and get with her. I mean for real how can being with a girl be so wrong when it feels so right?Dont change yourself for everyone else because those people love you for being straight, not being yourself.


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Hey, everyone has been there

Hey, everyone has been there at some point of their life. You're not alone in feeling confused and damn frustrated. It's not easy. But not everything needs to have labels. You just, like everyone else has said so far, need to be yourself. You don't have to be this or that. There are too many labels in life anyway. Whether your Bi, lesbian or straight...just go with your feelings. And don't lean one way just because society wanted you to. I was "straight" for a long time cuz thats what society said was correct. But hell, i didn't feel correct cuz i'm just not attracted to guys. Be yourself, doesn't matter if the person you have your eye on is a girl or a guy.

I made a wish on a shooting star once but it's been so long, never did believe it 'til you showed up there and proved me wrong.

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Have an open mind

Don't have a preference for a sexuality that forms from biased opinions that are forced on to you. I don't believe it's wrong to be either one, and to be honest, I don't really know my own orientation either. However, I'm fed up with trying to challenge who I am, just as much as I'm fed up being confused. I've just gone to the point of having an open mind about things and not let the one you love slip through your fingers. Right now, the one I love happens to be the same sex as myself. It's not disgusting or ugly, I know that we're really beautiful people regardless of our orientations. So, yeah, don't resent who you are whether you're straight or not.