Your First Love

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So how did you all meet your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Do tell.


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If you want to know...

Okay, this is going to sound a little weird, but she's not officially my girlfriend yet. It's because she'd rather ask me out than vice versa (it would mean her getting over some of her irrational fears) and she hasn't worked up the nerve yet. But we do a fair bit of couple-type stuff, aside from actually going out on dates.

Anyways, weird story (long, too).

Okay, I'd been attracted to girls before, but in denial about it because of some homophobia I had picked up from acquaintances. But there was this girl I met at the start of the school year before last, who was in my English class that year. Anyway, she's pretty and smart, and at first I found her intimidating because she's rather tall and was very good at the class, which I was having more trouble with than any previous English class. Anyway though, after I started hanging out with her every now and then, I started to be attracted to her and eventually realized it and came to terms with my sexuality.

Of course, this left me with a problem: I was almost certain she was straight, and it was really making me tense to hide my crush from her. I eventually worked up the nerve to tell her.

That day, I saw her at a rally and at lunch, but she was busy both times. At the end of lunch, I saw her hanging out with a girl I'd never seen before. Probably due to my nervousness and lack of sleep, I became extremely jealous of the other girl, but quickly realized it was stupid, and returned to my previous idea (which turned out to be correct) that my crush was straight.

A week later, I saw the other girl hanging out at lunch. I was no longer jealous of her, and decided I was curious, and went to talk with her. We became friends, and she came out to me, and I came out to her, and now we're together.

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well i work with with her and one day one of my friends came up to where i work. i had allready told my friend that even though she was a lot older than me i thought i liked her. so cori came up there and was talking to peggy and everything and pretty much just hitting on her to piss me off. i didn't put any thought at all into me and peggy going out since she has kids and grandkids adn things she couldn't be gay. well after i got cori to leave peggy asked if she could ask me a personal question and i was like "well ok i guess....." and she asked if i was gay. i had to of had this dumb ass look on my face because she kind of giggled and said that she knew cori was hitting on her and was just wondering about me. so i told her yeah i was and was worried about what she was thinking baut the whole thing. i went to clock out and before i got out of the parking lot she called my cell phone and we talked for about two hours and she eventually told me she was gay as well. we went ot the local huddle house to talk some more and she kissed me out in the parking lot and the rest is history. we are now living together and have been together for 6 months and i honestly couldn't be happier even with the age difference.

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hmmm.... i was 15 and year 10

hmmm.... i was 15 and year 10. there was this guy at school and he would always catch me looking at him, and i'd catch him looking at me. anyway, one night we were at a mutual friends party, and were both really drunk. up until this point i'd never talked to him before. anyway, being drunk and feeling fine i went to talk to him. i'd only just asked his name (which turns out was craig) when he asked if i wanted to get out of there. again with the drunk and feeling fine, i agreed to go back to his house with him. what happened next is a little hazy, but the next thing i remember is lying on top of him on his couch in his living room. anyway, a couple weeks later were dating (and i use the term dating loosely, as neither of us were 'out' at this point). we both 'came out' about a month after this at the after-party for our year 10 formal. we went out for about a year and a half, then things kinda fell apart. i haven't talked to him in over a year now, which sucks cause he was a great guy, though he doesn't like my current boyfriend, he blames him for us breaking up, and i never did much like jealous guys.


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B/c I'm bi, I'll tell both.

First guy:I was in the sixth grade...we had the same english class, we were the only people who actually enjoyed it, so we started talking, and I just sort of fell in love. We were together for a little under two years, then he turnedd into an ass. I wasn't really surprised.

First girl: It wasn't mutual. My seventh grade year we were best friends, until she started treating me like a disposable cup. The next year, I fell in love with her; I couldn't resist the way she walked, her eyes...she said the best things, no matter they were so icy. I wascompletely infatuated. She broke my heart, but I'm still kind of in love with her, even though it's been over a year.

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