1 in....?

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Hey everyone, I was just wondering...
what is the average ratio of gay/bi people to straight?
I've heard 1:10 and 1:20, but I'm not sure which one is more correct.
Anyone know?

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I've always heard that it's a

I've always heard that it's about 1 in 10, but it might be more like, say, 1 in 13.

Did they love you or what?

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good question...

The problem is it's so hard to get some people to admit if they're gay or bi, it's impossible to get an accurate ratio. 1:10 is just an estimate. I agree with Daisy, I think 1:13 sounds good, like an average of all the ones I've heard/read.

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1 in 10. you could check out

1 in 10. you could check out the Kinsey research at their website.

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Actually, Kinsey would have s

Actually, Kinsey would have said 1 in 3 guys had some homosexual experience. But it's now believed that his sampling technique was flawed.

In Australia, it's about 1 in 6.


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1 in 6?

i wish.


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I remember reading article so

I remember reading this article some years ago. 17% corresponds to about 1 in 6. Actually, now that I read it, Americans are also supposed to be 1 in 6.

Hmm... I think their methodology is a little biased, given that it was an online survey and it was Durex who did it. Don't suppose Durex wold be too popular among Catholics, to say the least.


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too many confounding variable

too many confounding variables to be anywhere near accurate...


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its supposedly 1 in 10 but id

its supposedly 1 in 10 but id love to know the real, no denial/lies/biased ratio - i bet its higher. as for out gay people (well, adults) id say probably more like 1 in 12

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