Adoption.... i guess.

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Hey everybody. I am once again asking for your great and wonderfull opinion on something… *had to run and take teeth whitening off left it on too long :o* Now to recreate my thoughts…. Oh yes adoption. I am adopted. And have know so forever. My parents are totally open about this subject and my mother has told me if I were to contact my birth mother it would be nice to write her telling her how I am thankfull to her and that I ended up with a great and supportive family. She “gave me up


well a very close friend of m

well a very close friend of mine is adopted and she was afraid it would be a creept crazy scary stalker lady (in her exact words)and once she met her they got caught up on what the other has been doin 4 the past 16 years and now my friend has moved in withher mom and is very happy that she met her real mother but she still keeps in contact and visits with the people that raised her.and i met my real father (i'm not adopted just never met my actual father)and i was freaked cuz i knew he had been in prison but he turned out to be a really great guy!so in my opinion you should meet btw good luck on ur unbearably white and creepily unnatural teeth lol!

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