ah an angry poem

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always runnin away
cant face reality
live for the day
leading a life
full of pain
full of death
you fool,
cheat, lie,
steal, kill,
you'd leave your closest friend
face down
in the dirt.
you curse your parents
they gave you life
you kill them
with words
no need for a knife.
you're a pain to society
you're a detriment
to those around
you're pure evil,
lower than dirt on the ground.
I hate you.
I hate you.
i want everyone
to hate you too
to see the life you live
to see you're nothing
to see you
like i do.
but the reason i hate you
isnt as clear
as it may seem
tho you treated me
like hell,
its like im under a spell
i still miss you
i miss the friend
i thought was there
i still hate you
but goddamnit
i still care.
i dont know why
but i want to see you again
yet on the other hand
i want you gone
for good
i hate that
you do this to me
i hate you
but its not easy.