ah the straight ones

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My sister's friend, Christie came over for dinner the other night, and the topic of conversation somehow goes onto sexuality (it always does for some reason.. but i guess we are pretty interesting haha). So she's saying how she has one lesbian friend and one bisexual friend and they took her to a gaybar. So my ears prick up and I'm listening now. She goes on about how she felt really weird in a bar full of chicks who were making out with eachother, it was just funny the way she said it. (she's a funny girl) It was amusing to see a straight person's point of view.. and her funny facial expressions when she spoke about it. She was like "Theres a whole world out there I don't know about!" "There are those really dykie girls and then the complete opposite of them as well". She then mentioned being scared of the girls wearing wifebeaters.. she said she didn't get hit on but she got a lot of "looks". Well I thought it was cute and i'm wondering when I get to meet these friends of hers... hehe

Oh and my sister recently was told that a lesbian at her work told her girlfriend that she thought my sister was hot.. if that makes sense at all. My sisters reaction was a bit surprised and awkward.. but I could tell she was flattered too haha. They are funny those straight ones, how come they get more queer action than i do?


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That would be because dear, y

That would be because dear, you are still in the closet. After reading your entry I picture you as the type who hardly says anything and just listens to the conversation.

Come out!! Be strong and proud! You know, all those wondrous things you want. You can do achieve them yourself. :)

I need to go to a gay bar... I think I'm missing out on something quite important. How else am I going to meet a guy?

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hehe cute story

yeah, some straight ones are pretty funny.
I've had many a good laugh about some of my friends (women) who are straight but so fascinated with 'this whole different world'. With the other straight gals, there are all 'that's pretty weird', and then with me it's an avalanche of questions.
"oh my god, do you do THAT?!" lol

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Straight people always get mo

Straight people always get more gay action than a gay person lol its not fair at all

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Maybe your friend gets more queer action because she went to a gay bar? It's not like it just happened to her randomly on the street.