an old journal lesson

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"Do not judge, lest you be judged"

Why are people constantly looked down on?

*does being shy make you any less of a person?

*does being poor make you any dumber?

*does being overweight make you numb to feelings?

*does being smart make you a geek or nerd?

it doesnt seem right to me.

People are unaproached if their hair style is abnormal.

People are mocked if their clothing isn't right.

Worst of all...

Lies are being told.. stories made up to give reason to not accept these who are different.

"Isnt she the girl who tried to eat a squirrel?!?!?!?!"

WELL, I'm here to give you the truth:

You know who makes up these stories? THE "COOL" KIDS!

aka the insecure kids who need to make others look bad, so they in turn look good... so their flaws arent as visible cause everyone's laughing at "squirrel girl"

They want a reason to dislike them.. a reason to believe that they aren;t as good. The truth is they KNOW the girl may be smarter.. more talented... nicer.. but if she eats squirrels.. well anyone looks like an angel comparitively!

and the sad thing is they tell their lies so much.. that in time they themselves believe it.

SO this was what I thought about on my recent trip.

I have been soooooo wrong.

No, I was never one to make up the lies... but I did believe them.. I'm sure I repeated them...


I could've befriended them.

Hell.. everyone needs friends!

And so now I promise to devote time to those who arent in the right crowds.

I promise to read people based on character.. not by looks.

I promise to do my best to stop rumors.

And I'm keeping this promise.

---this is dedicated to three girls on the FAACS trip.. I never truly saw you for who you are. You are true, you are honest, you are faithful to each other. I only wish more people could be like that... maybe I have been looking in the wrong group of people for friends.

I hope I get around to telling them all personally what I just said... but then again I hope my character grows strong enough... One day to be more than a distant observer.