Angel For Life

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Well I have a voice that can sing a little. So I
can know do that. I have been working at work a little
longer and I have a bunch of Law homework that needs
to get done and I am not sure I want to be doing
this any more. I am unhappy here and I want to move
so much that means outing myself all over again
I am not quite comfortable yet doing that but I
am not comfortable hiding either. I guess it will
forever be like that. I want to finish my schooling
some where else and then move back here to Ohio. It would be a change in
pace and right know I think I have ran my self
ragged up here. Plus when I came back I would
not come back towards this part of Ohio. I think
Youngstown or Heights sounds likes A good place to live
(Heights is Hubuart Heights not sure on the spelling)
But that sounds like a good idea. I will miss my
Adopted family thought. I am going to miss the friends
I made but that is about the only bad thing I see
I have my"wings" clipped here and I can't be who i
WANT to be in my heart and that is killing me more
than anything in the world