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I'm having problems with my family. They don't really know that I'm a lesbian but they know somethings going on. My sister caught me on a lesbian website and I told her it was just a mistake because she had made a big deal out of it. Ever since then my sister has been trying everything she can to get me a boyfriend. She's even gone as far as inviting one of her friends younger brothers over and leaving him alone with me. I just can't take it any more what should I do?

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wow you must be really young.

wow you must be really young. i wonder would scully and mulder
would do? just fucking with you hun..
don't you hate when people don't mind their buisness when it
comes to YOUR sexuality? hhhmmmmm...
brings back fond memories of rocks thrown at me and
being called a fag ...yes, those were the dayz...
just remember that it's your sexuality and you don't
have to explain yourself to anyone.
how much older is she? it makes me cringe to even think
about her doing that to you ( the whole leaving you
alone with that guy thing)
what exactly is she trying to do?
for you to just "happen" to like it and be into him?
makes as much sense as putting me in the same
room with a ... porn star. female porn star..i could
care less.
thats really intrusive and thats really fucked up for her
to do that to you, my approach may be a little raw,
but i would grab that lil turd by his nuts,
grab, twist
grab, twist
you might get slapped or punched
but you can always yell "RAPE"!!!!
that'll definetly get the message out.
it's your life and your sexuality, being influenced by anyone
else is all up to you.why is it that everyone seems to know whats
best for you and your sexuality seems to
be up for public debate.
like i said before..
my sexuality is my own peronal buissness,
not anyone elses.

you don't have to explain shit to anyone.
you don't need to rationalize,
you don't need to feel bad for anything you don't wanna do.
you don't need to even have to answer her questions.
you don' have to do anything-
if worse comes to worse, i'd just be like...
you know what bitch? fuck off!!
but then again, thats my solution for everything in life...

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hey stewie are u bi or gay? just a question

I'd never lie to you
Unless I had to, I'll do what I got to
The you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt - Tbs

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He's the guy (?) formerly kno

He's the guy (?) formerly known as Lost Angry Youth, SUNSHINE IN MY PANTS, and Elgaye.

None of us are quite sure if he's bi, gay or straight.


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wow , i have a freakin' FAN C

wow , i have a freakin' FAN CLUB now all of a sudden?
first elraye now you two stooges?
who's next ...Ellen?

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Not really a fan club, unless you call a bunch of angry members who are fed up with you a fan club.

Okay, to be fair, in more recent posts, you have been showing more compassion than usual (which is zero). However, your comments and posts still suggest that you need serious psychological help. Either that, or just to grow up.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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now why is it that wherever i post *poof*!
hey -it's DOG BOY preaching "the evils of lost angry youth"?
is it beeeeecccccccaaaauuuuussssseeeeeee

you're jealous? (:"

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dude- that eye ball is seriou

dude- that eye ball is seriouslly disfuckingsturbing..

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i don't know but it might hel

i don't know but it might help if u told them. just a suggestion. good luck

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Come out?

You could just tell them. It's also okay to start by just telling your sister and not your parents, or the other way around.

If that's definitely not an option right now (meaning they might kick you out, refuse to pay your tuition, etc) then you'll probably just have to deal with it. If your sister doesn't drop it, go ahead and tell her flat-out that you don't want a boyfriend right now. You don't have to explain why.

Did they love you or what?

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even tho she's kinda creeped out by my comments about girls -.-"

have u tried telling ur sis leaving u alone w/ a desperate, horny, hormonally driven teenage boy won't exactly "convert" u but it'll give u a WORSER impression of boys (especially when tha boy touchy touchys)?
or if rapes u, would she take responsibilty?
i was left alone w/ a horny, hormonally driven teenage boy who said take off ur clothes!!"
him:"i was just kidding..hehe"
me:"o..ok...heh...*nervous smile*
*attacks me anyways*
long story short i kicked johnathan stant in the balls & ran like hell...fu**king horny ass hettie boy....
tis true.......& can happen to u if u dont tell ur sis what a jackass she is for putting u on the line for her own selfish gain & pride for knowing that she's helping some damn guy get laid...& false hope that u might be "converted." u can tell her that after that kind of situation u'll just b MORE sICK of boys & MORE lesbain....obviously...

or u can do the nice thing....
hide a metal object under the sheets & whack him w/ it hahah!! kiddin
.....o great! im condoning violence ._.+
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"A powerful festering energy roots itself in this land and carves a crest of blood"bcuz humans r so very simple" -fullmetal alchemist(lust)

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Tell her to back off. Tell her you are who you are
and she isnt gong to change that. She shouldn't
try and change you anyways, thats not right!


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haha! Stewie your the guy tha

haha! Stewie your the guy that made a name making fun of ghosba lol

Yeah Im not liked a lot either Im suprised this account hasnt gotten deleted yet

You're right, tell her to fuck off!
although my solution is usually Eech Ganeech or Burn in hell ;)
I'm going to eat you :3.

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be bi

be bi

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With all due respect

That really isn't an option. You are what you are, contrary to what the Christian Right would have you believe. Better to go through testing times being yourself than to spend far longer trapped inside someone else.