Bisexual Dyke

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Okay, I heard the best thing today. In the tradition of the term "fag hag" I have now heard..."dyke tyke." A straight man that hangs out with lesbians. I thought it was cool. I told my gay guy friend about it and said that since technically I can't be a fag hag either, since I'm not straight, we could bend the rules and make him a dyke tyke. He proceeded to tell me that I'm not a dyke, because I'm bi. I was wondering if anyone else knows what I mean when I say that I identify as a dyke who just happens to also be attracted to men. I just find myself more at home within the gay community. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this particular issue.


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well what would you call a ga

well what would you call a gay guy that exclusivly
chases after and seduces woman?
i KNOW i am gay, but i still can't help the fun in chasing and
getting girls for the fun and pleasure of it.
just to know that i can do it and to spite straight guys that
patheticly try too hard.
a womanizing homosexual? (:"

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no offense, but...

that sounds really obviously know that you're charming and seductive, so what more do you need to gain from that?

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Hmm...I don't know what to ca

Hmm...I don't know what to call that. But you're not the only one of those I know, believe me.