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I actually had a fairly decent weekend, kind of felt like last weekend, minus about a dozen people and the forty hours of straight wakefulness that I did then.

Fred decided that he wanted to "recreate" our little party grouping from last weekend at M's B-day party. Last weekened we ended up playing lots of scrabble (which is only funny at 3 a.m. after you've dressed the valedictorian in drag and are giving yourself points for words like UFine, Hog-Weed, Grassyoak, rotohandunity, and mediggolfpornman)

This weekend it was just M, Fred, Mark, and I, as A was out of town and K was unavailable. After a fairly uneventful afternoon in which we wheeled Mark around in some wheelchair lying about and played some weird question game and taunted eachother mercilessly, we went out into the night and taught Fred the finer elements of driving stick/manual...when it's nearing one a.m., you're in the nearly deserted mall parking lot and your friend is trying to get you to play chess in the dark backseat, most things are funny.

Sadly however the stupid school screwed up my schedule and gave me two p.e. classes first semester and dropped my german class entirely! After I went through the trouble of convincing Frau Bird to let me do independent study second semester (because I'm taking an overly full courseload my senior year because I'm insane and like to overwork myself).

So I have to go into the couselors on tuesday (they screw up so many schedules that they have four days set aside before school starts with appoinments from 8 a.m. to 4p.m. each day to sort it all out.), and get them to switch me out of my second p.e. class, give me my german back, make sure they counted my independent study from last year on my transcripts, and put my in ap bio instead of chemistry with the guy who ran for governor of california.

Past dealings with the couseling office indicate that this will be very difficult and time consuming...but at least i'm not a freshman and my last name doesn't start with the letter w.


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I know what you're going through with the schedule..

I have to go in tomorrow to fix mine as well. They didn't give me a science course (Bio 3, how do you forget that?) and they gave me ROTC... I haven't needed a gym credit since sophomore year. It's such a pain to go in and talk with the counselors, I always walk out feeling incredibly defeated.

Good Luck!

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