Cloud the Beach

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Talked to one of my friends for a bit today, he thought it would be beneficial to me if he told me all about how he had sex on the beach this summer (because of course i want details about how my friend lost his virginity...why he felt it was appropriate to tell me this i cannot begin to fathom.) so I told him that I'm gay, I'm not sure if he believed me...what possessed him to tell me that he had sex on the bloody beach?!

He even asked me if I was proud of him! I mean it's not as though he ran off and had wild gay sex(that I would want to hear about)....

Now I have all these nasty images of my friend having sex on the beach with some chick who probably has no idea that he's telling everyone about this...

Bad enough that my other friend a took it upon himself to tell me all baout how C's girlfriend is a slut and gives fantastic bjs'...why are only my male friends whores?

I still haven't finished reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles....


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One imagines he would want to tell you because he felt close enough to share the news. Just tell him you don't need to know that much about his sex life and it should stop.

Friends often give each other the full TMI on sex. Plus, if you're gay and he's sleeping with women, it might seem even more appropriate to him, since your partners will both be women?

Also, sad to say, but women who think their men aren't telling people about their sexual encounters are living in a fantasy world.

Many people define whore/slut as anyone who is getting more sex than they are. :-)