comets and stars

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There is this red lava lamp in my room, and it still has her fingerprints on it from the time we laid on my bed talking about how Elvis really wasn’t that great looking and all of a sudden the red light caught her eye.

First I should tell you that I used to think she was gorgeous, hard to breathe around. That changes everything, of course.

I brought the thing down from a high shelf so she could touch it and so I could see how she looked with the crimson making her face glow more than it already did. She said she always thought lava lamps were beautiful, and I just shrugged. I said comets and stars were beautiful. She shrugged. And laughed. And we ended up outside that night, both of us looking for something in the other that we never really found. I wonder if she knew how close I was to kissing her.

Now she is a name in an address book, scrawled in gel pen. She is a memory, or a hallway friend…the kind you occasionally wave to and keep walking, almost frustrated by the past.

I always write stuff like this, I’m sorry. There are other things to write about, and I’ll find them. Eventually.

Someone…grab my hand; pull me out of this funk.


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That was really good...

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It's alright. You'll find som

It's alright. You'll find someone new, I promise. Until then, no apology for writing "stuff like this" is necessary. If it needs to be written, write it. We'll listen (or read, as the case may be). :)


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good writing

That was a great piece of writing for a little journal entry- I could totally relate. Please keep on writing whatever you want to write- never ever apologise for writing (especially if you are such a good writer)!

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Hey, I just wanted to say tha

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really liked your entry. I think its really beautiful. lol. So you should keep writing about stuff like this.

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I love you. Alot.

I love you. Alot.

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If you figure out how to get out of the funk, please let me know

By the way, your writing is always incredibly beautiful. I hope things work out for you.

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Sometimes you need to keep wr

Sometimes you need to keep writing, need to go through things and dwell on them. Unspoken love is the hardest thing I know, and if you can't speak it in writing, then where will you do it?

You, your love, and your writing is gorgeous. Not that that helps any when what you want isn't there. Find something to grab onto--something real, if possible, not just internet and writing--and hold on till you get out of this.

We're here if you need us, but we can only be here halfway.

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you give me so much encourage

you give me so much encouragement, i feel like i owe it back to you in heaps. and here's the thing, babe- sometimes, it's the feelings that you'd rather never write about that need to be written out the most. seems like no matter what you're writing about, people love to read it, myself included. as for that funk...well, i understand that better than anything. keep your chin up. your writing is lovely.

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I couldn't have said it better myself. Your writing is lovely, beyond lovely, and I love every word.

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"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."