do do doo

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This door of seperation
keeps driving me insane
i havent seen you lately
the phone is not the same

but if we wait just long enough
someday it might work out
but till that day, I'm on my own
for if it comes, i surely doubt

sometimes i think u feel for me
like i always felt for you
i think those feelings have come for sure
but you wont admit they do

but its okay, I'll tell you now
if you dont want to be together
because i need someone who's sure of their love
who wants to be with me forever

i dont feel sorry for myself anymore
no, i've realized its not my loss
i loved you with all my heart
so your denial is not my cost

however you were the one to turn me down
leaving you room for mistake
therefore you may feel regrets
but I'll have none for my sake