don't ask, don't tell

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I read something that really pissed me off today.
(Which, coincidentally, seems to be happening a lot lately *cough* lostangryyouth *cough*.)

Apparently military officials are now using sites like and PlanetOut to find out if soldiers are gay. All they’ve got to do is suspect you, scan the sites for your name, and report you. If you have anything on the internet advertising the fact that you’re gay, you’re in violation of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

This is bullshit. I try so hard to understand the logic in policies like this, but I just can’t get shallow enough to see it. At least other people have already voiced my concerns. There’s this guy, Will Doherty who happens to be the executive director of the Online Policy Group. In the article that I read, he’s quoted as saying, “It's bigoted, wasteful and expensive for us all when the U.S. military continues to violate its own policy regarding the privacy of off-duty gay personnel by investigating and discharging them for seeking companionship with other gay people online.


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are you really soo suprised?

are you really soo suprised?
seriously now, i personally think the government
has more power and leverage then one could possibly imagine.
this dosen't sound farfetched or anything unusual to me.
being gay one should be concious of the fact that ,
yes, alot of people are simply against it and you
have to accept that there will be alot of this type of
prejudice and injustice that goes on.
it just comes with the territory.
if it was soo accepted to be gay...
then why are we here and why are we online?
because eventhough we'd love to see the world as a loving
and accepting and warm place- (it is to a certain extent)
but the hate , anger and bitterness will always be a
strong component working against it ):"
homosexuality as well as race will always be an issue
on a massive scale. i for one personally don't really
care about ones sexual orientation, but if they
where being physically harrassed , then of course i would
smash some skulls in (:"
there is a time for diplomacy and a time for
the military dosen't give two shits about personal rights and
such, you're a soldier and if you are gay- you are lucky
they don't kill you. they could you know if they really wanted to.

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Thanks for a semi-civilized post.

No, you're right when you say it isn't "far-fetched or anything unusual" for the government to do. But it's bigoted and disturbing, as well.

It's sad that it shouldn't be surprising. And that bigotry is the norm.


does anyone read anything els

does anyone read anything else that i wrote besides the
ones where i talk shit?
just curious..

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This is still so... so... wro

This is still so... so... wrong.


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Two words: really creepy.

Did they love you or what?

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i fail to see how searching s

i fail to see how searching someone on the internet equals "not asking" - surely to do this the government is also in violation of dont ask dont tell.

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Look at the plus side :)

No Draft for us.