dreams, thoughts, and hopes

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i see you when i wake
i think ure there with me
but then i turn to hold u
and my sheets is all i see

u skip across my mind
when i dress each morning light
i want to watch you sleep
i can imagine the beautiful sight

i go through my day
thinking of your face
i loose myself sometimes
thinking of your taste

i come home to talk to you
and my face lights up the room
and i pray to god to find a way
for me to be with you soon

but i get sad at night
knowing that i can not
im held somewhere abandoned
and i know im never sought

i lie down each night
although naive i might seem
but when i shut my eyes
i see you in my dreams

where together all the time
and i can hold u all night long
i can dance with u in rain
when they play our song

i hate to wake
when the morning comes
but all these dreams
cant lead me to the sum

i want to see your smile
just to etch it in my mind
and listen to you talk to me
and see your heart so kind

i could sit and look at you
and soak ure face right up
and find u smiling
when i look over my cup

i want to share ure laughs
and hold you when you cry
i want my kiss to spin you
and be the reaosn that you sigh

i want to see your eyes
when we wake in bed
and listen to your thoughts
and all the things youve said

i want to finish your sentences
when we go out at night
and hug you without restraint
and wonder if i had the might

to tell you what youve done
and how you captured me
with all your thoughts so long and deep
and visions i couldnt see

i want to kiss your neck
and pull you down to the floor
and love you all night long
and maybe even more

but all the things i want
i know ill never get
i would sit and stutter
if we had ever met

i pray to god sometimes
that i would have one night
to touch your face and kiss your lips
and let my heart take flight

so i could hold you
and feel you near me
my dreams are the only place
that these things i see

so smile when u read this
cause i want and send it to me hear
and wish with all your might
that i would be near

i wanted to ask you
if i had this time
if i was there right now
would you openly be mine

close ure eyes and smile
even though crazy it may seem
but ill meet you there
there safe withing our dream


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mmm, how talented a poet you

mmm, how talented a poet you are ashley. I enjoyed this poem very much. It put a smile on my face.

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: )

god that was beautiful. i wish i had a way with words like you. i'm smiling...

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you're really a romantic person

I think that anyone would be happy to be written about like this....although, I have a friend who said that she thinks poems are corny. I definitely don't agree though. Nice job!