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I had school today; and I think it's funny how I had forgotten what school really means. It means going to classes with kids who either ignore me, hate me, or misunderstand me, and having teachers who don't even have time to get that personal. I had forgotten how it makes me feel like I'm nobody, and after a whole summer of just Nick, and being loved by him, it was kind of a shock to go to this place where no one even tries to love me. It's not even that I'm lonely, it's that people don't even seem to know that I'm really there, they seem to think right through my words. And it seems like so many people are either whispering about my queerness, or telling me about how I'm "a distgusting dyke," and that i will "burn in hell for my sins." sometimes they even play nasty little tricks on me; i've already sat on tacks twice and it's only the second day, and i've had tons of pencils chucked at me, and other stuff as well. I hate school, i love learning, but i fucking hate school. i wish that i could be with nick all day and know that he loves me instead of going to that hell-hole. i'm not sure what i'll do, except hope that it gets better.


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hang in there. people are cle

hang in there. people are clearing not giving you the respect you deserve. pfft, they're acting like a bunch of immature assholes. is it possible that you could switch classes so your not with the group of kids your with now?

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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no one should be treated like

no one should be treated like that.. no matter who they are. and you haven't even done anything wrong. unfortunately, a large majority of society has trouble accepting those who are different from themselves.. simply because they don't understand. so that ignorance is channeled into derogatory actions and end up getting hurt because they aren't able to accept your difference. what a sad little world we live in.. until we stop judging each other, we can't make any progress. try to stay strong and true to who you are. hopefully there's someone at your school who can like you for you.. best of luck.