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Crap. What the hell am I doing?

Well it been changing season.

I think I've fixed my life. I haven't talked to my dad in months. He's some fucked up shit.
Lately I've been going by the name of kari. My real name is karina, not too different I realize but I like it. I'm trying to convince my mom to change my last name. Have the full change, ya know but she usually shrugs off the request. I think it might happen though. She seems pleased with how I've been changing. Right now though I'm trying to be the girl my mom raised. I've been eating my pizza with a knife and fork!

I've dropped obsessions too. I no longer have any interest in anything like buffy, the internet and dorkish crap like that. I've come to sort of look down upon some stuff. I know that looking down at things and people like that isn't very good but i don't know. I just want to do what's better for me. That might include not being bi.

In the end changes like this might be bad or good. But some of this stuff has always been in me, I've just been too lazy. Like hey, I've always been a conservative republican.