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Well last night at about 6p.m. I got a call. It
was one of these blessed nights off from just about
everything but whats fun. Anyways its a lot of my
friends they wanted to know if I wanted to go out
clubbing. I was like sure why not? I meet them at
A new club that was just built at about 8:30p.m. and we stayed there
for a few hours and then club hopped the rest of the night
we had a lot of fun It seems like everything that
has happened these last couple of weeks was gone
but I woke to a harsh reality this morning. I stayed the
night with some friends. When I got home my house
had been trashed and stuff had been broken. Namely
stuff that had sentiment vaule and I can't replace
shit like that and I think I know who did it. I made
my police report and am looking for a new place. Plus
I have given my car to Danny and he gave me his
saying he would rather put up with my staker ex
than me putting up with her. So Everything hasn't
gone away but what I wouldn't do to make it go away.