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The Joys of Being

I exist. Duh. Do you see me, are you looking at me, DO YOU CATCH MY VIBE? Look at the way my eyes, my blue eyes, are set in my head, and the way they are always watching people, watching the grass in the breeze. That same breeze that bothers the hair on my arms and the leaves on the trees. So I'm definitely all there in the physical department, can't argue that. You also can't argue that I don't have opinions and thoughts, see, they're always floating around in my big fat definitely-there head, so you can't argue that; I'm pro-choice, pro-environment, anti-Bush, queer as can be...wait, that's where this gets complicated; not only are there people out there who would call me a sinner because I support queer rights, there are also people who say that I don't even exist because I'm bisexual. They say that my sexuality isn't even a state of being. Stupid psychologists, right-wing nobodies, small town neanderthals, red necks, homophobes, nazis, everyone who can't see that, duh, I'm here the same as you. I'm here and I'm proud, proud because I can fall in love with men and women (like that's so weird)! According to Kinsey, most everyone is bisexual. I'm here and I'm proud, and yeah, I'm bisexual. So all you mistaken people can call me a faggot, faggot, faggot-lover, say I'm a dyke, dyke, dyke, but you fools will be wrong because I am one bisexual bitch, and yeah, I exist.

-written for my three week summer writing program.


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that flows nicely together

that flows nicely together