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So I have worked the last two days so much that
I have barely had time to write much of anything.
But I think my writers block is over. I sat on the
baloncy/fire escape and watched the sun rise and
watched the city come to live. I couldn't sleep
when I got home last night and I am just waiting
for my next class. I miss a lot of stuff going
on around me. Yesterday before I left for work
I got a phone call from one of my younger sisters
Kat she wanted to talk but I was running A little late
and had to get to work and almost hung up on her
before she finished her sentence. She sounded like
it was important but I am not really in the mood
to talk to my family. Since the last time I was there
I have completely cut myself off from them even thought
they are trying to have a relationship with me know
that they think I am only bi. I am questioning and
thats all I can be certain of right know.

I want to post this poem.

Little Bit

I meet the little girl I had left yesterday
she asked why I had left and never came back
Why I had played with matches why I had burned her
and Why didn't I raise her Why didn't I protect her
I told her that I did raise her and if she looked
into my eyes she'd see I had done the best I could
this was who she had became she had became this adult
who didn't care anymore
This adult who knew how to play games
to avoid whatever I needed to avoid I had learned
to be me I had learned to stay away from people who
would hurt me and I knew what I didn't need to know
and everyone doesn't see it.
So when she looked in my eyes she knew why I left
her I left her cause I loved her She was a part of
me I didn't want the world to touch cause if they knew
me that well they would be too close


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like your poem

makes me cry*

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I want to turn it into a song what do you think?