I am losing

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I think I might be losing my grip on everything
I have a ass load of homework That I haven't had time to
do I have the day off work I worked last night and
my ex is insisting on making my life a living hell
I changed my cell phone number last night and since the
apartment doesn't have a phone that can't be changed
But since she broke up with me I keep getting 12, 1, 2, 3, 4 oclock phone
calls so I changed my number and guess what it worked
I am so glad I am angry that she won't stop calling
and I am mad that she is making a big deal out of this
I hate it when people do that. Let me tell you what
we where fighting about. A dinner and a movie. Which
then turned out to be more than that she
thinks I am cheating because I went out clubbing with
friends Friday and she didn't get to go so she
thinks the guy I use to date and me are cheating
on her and his new girl. At least I think its his
new girl. I am not going to even touch that one.
Then it got to she's not out up here yet but is getting
there and she was wanting me to come out with her
but everyone already knows and so its like why do
it again and it just got worse the longer we argued
which in turned end up with me pinning her to the wall about
to hit her and then of course you all know the story
from there and its just like I am tried of fighting
with her. I am so tried of having her show up where
I am going to be and I am tried of being tried.

On another note I am getting to know the person
I am mentoring his name is Jef. I think I am just
going to call him that since he is a young teenager
I didn't know he was only 13. He is straight at least
he says he thinks he is and he has no problem with
gays or lesbian or anybody else in GLBT community
he says a lot of his friends are and he is very
activity in his schools GSA club which I found to
be very good but he needs mentoring to stay away
from drugs and off the streets and thats my job someone
to call if he gets in trouble since his mom is
out of the picture and his dad is always working
I feel like I have adopted a brother

I am also having lots of fun going out. I am going
out every night I have off and singing a lot more
I have been neglecting my homework
I am getting it done so Its not like I am waiting
till the last mintue because I am not. But thats my
life for know