I am lost

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More poems from the box I brought home the other
night and reading them just opens the wounds I thought
where healed.

With you
Being alone with you and I see it all
again I ache for it need for it but unlike the
drug addict I quit it don't need it you can
keep going but I still think about us sometimes
A while ago I begged you to teach me what I
didn't know and you did Then you suddenly said no
more you had found someone who didn't need to be
taught just knew what a someone like you needed
I wanted to learn you wheren't like any lover I'd
every had you where new and baby I liked that about you
I needed it and that was what I liked that I needed
something i spent so much time relaxed that I failed
so much
I'm being told know to forget about you that getting
you alone isn't worth hurting her and I know this
so I let you go I moved on and spread my wings and
turn around and fly away.

Old You
When I see you you've changed I miss the old you
wore jeans and button down shirts you got rid of
your lose tees and baggie jeans I just wish you
where you
I miss you here I'm alone and yet you point at me
laught with your friends yes cause know I'm the freak
I guess you think Its all good but baby its not
I see how you treat her nothing like me gosh you
treat her differently maybe the way we each ask to
be treated but I didn't ask to be treated like trash
or a whore I just wanted to be loved
Sharing a jacket in the cold talking about whatever
kissing and being near but you let your hands wander and
I wonder do you taste different know she told me the
other day that you stopped smoking and stopped
drinking you trying to be all pure know Don't try
what you did yo me can never be earsed