I feel like

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Shit but hey thanks for asking. No really I am
so sick I think my head is going to explode.
I have a headache, a runny nose and a itchy thoat
and I feel sick to my stomache. Ah the joys of being sick
I don't want to eat anything and Josh has been here
all day trying to take care of me since I missed
class today. He is trying to get me to eat right know
and I am like no I am not eating. I don't feel
good. I don't want to right know either. At least
give me a legal pad and a pen and let me write so I
can get something worth while done while I am
sicker than a dog. I WISH I wasn't feeling bad.
We have a preformance and the guys are saying if I
STILL don't feel good tonight that we will cancle
cause my health is better than a few hunderd dollars
hahaha we will go on even if I am puking my guts
out I've done it before and I'll do it again. But
then again I've never done it feeling quite as lightheaded
as I do right know. I lean over and get dizzy and
I think its just allergerys but they guys think
I might be getting a little cold or something.


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finally back on oasis and first read this post haha...i'm sick also...without the headache just the throat and my runny nose but i think it's worse because i got sinus allergis...but i don't mind being sick right now haha because i don't need to help my parents out with work YYYYAAAYYYY!!!!! ^_^ hope you feel better ^_^


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