I just dont know anymore

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I really want to keep together with her, I really do... But when do you just give in, throw in the towel... quit? Her parents dont want me to see her anymore. There way of fixing this small problem, make it to where she isnt aloud to come to my house ever again. Or at least until she's straight. I can hardly talk to her anymore. Not like we used to. Not since she came back from Georgia. She wont tell me what happened there, but someone told her something and I'm just waiting for her to tell me it was all a mistake. I was just a friendship that went astray.... an expariment, or This whole 65 miles apart thing isnt working for me anymore. I dont want to be over with her. But then I question her happiness and my selfishness. If I hold on to her.... she cant have anyone else. Not that she doesnt have someone else and I just dont know about it. Again I state 65 miles and two different high schools. She's perfect and deserves perfect, but I'm not nor can I ever be as perfect as her. I wish I could. It doesnt help that I am a year younger than her, or that I cant listen to her news and know what's happening. She is everything to me and more. Should I love her but set her free or should I keep her and question everything as I do?


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wow i know exactly what you m

wow i know exactly what you mean.. Being far aprat is very scary... I dont know about this. The more I like her he moer scared I get about being with her... Wow i dont even know what to do anymore..

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doot hum

doot hum