i need you

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im going crazy!!!!!! im falling for someone ive never met were seperated by age and by distance but i cant stop thinking about her. when we talk i feel, like i can fly. why cant i have the person i want the person i could fall asleep talking to. someone i wish that will wake up in my arms. i want her i cant have her and it pisses me o so much. ahhhhhh. i give up. i want you so much it hurts to breath some times


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A kindred spirit...

Ooo, I TOTALLY get where you're coming from. I know a girl like that. I saw her in the halls yesterday, and she was so beautiful and heavenly that I litterally had trouble breathing. She's a year ahead of me and has NO idea who I am. I can't have my godess either!

Good luck with her, I hope everything works out. :)

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I know exactly what your talking about too!! Im actually in a relationship type of thing with this girl from here. We talk on the phone and stuff and email all the time but we havent met in person yet. Everytime i talk to her i get short of breath and im constantly thinking about her. Its hard.. She only lives like 45 minutes away so its totally possible just harder than normal.. But good luck with everything sweetheart!!

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poor girl

sends you a hug** :)
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I know exactly how you feel.

I know exactly how you feel. The girl I am in love with doesn't live really close only about like 30 mins away and is a little bit older, but I love her sooooooooooo much. She means the world to me!! OoOOoOO and I get to meet her for the first time this Friday!!! WHOOT!!


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i did that on neopets when i was little ahaha oh man those were the days, goodluck to u though...all of u =]

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