I was only trying to help them.

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I have a lot of friends who are 11-13 and many of them are starting to have problems with dating so they come to me, assuming that since I am 16, I would know something. I don't I honestly don't (I never been on a date or with any body in that way...I only felt unrequited love so far) and most of the situations these kids come to me with are ones 11-13 year old shouldn't really be having issues with. So I tell them to forget about dating and go enjoy what little left of childhood they have and not to rush into that kind of stuff. Believe me, it is that "kind" of "stuff". So the problem is so many believe what they are doing is okay and that I don't think they are mature enough. So I tell them that just because they are snogging people left and right doesn't make them mature and then they all go to say that I am immature. I just wish that so many of these kids would just believe me with what I say, I just want them to be happy. Yet they are likely to continue running off with each other and breaking each other's heart until there is no trust. Peh, I don't care what happpens to them, it is not my problem... alas I only can wish to not care and that it wasn't my problem.


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Don't worry about it

Right now they think that they know better than you do. When they get older they will probably relize that you were right but for now they won't listen to you unless you tell them what they want to hear. So just don't worry about it, you did your best to help and they're just being stupid.