I wrote this in ummm October... this is the last of my old poems.. i had missed this one.

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Another poem I wrote in Math class... it makes no sense to anyone but me... its about a psychiatrist...I dont remeber what provoked me to write this
Happiness they say
Will come another day
I have heard this promise for a while
And still I have not felt to smile
Clinically depressed they label me
As they assure it is normal to be
But I dont feel normal, I dont feel fine
When death is always on my mind.
I explained this to the doctor, as she scriblled away
"what happened?" she asked; I knew what to say
I knew exactly why I felt alone in this world
I was in love, yet shut out from this girl.
And I'll never get over her,
I know this for sure
Because the hole she left in my heart
Grew till I finally fell apart
I realize rhat the doctor is still staring
She was waiting for my reply, so she could fake like she's caring
I shrug "I dont know"- a pathetic reply
"Interesting" she mutters, without a look in the eye
"You will get better, and happiness you'll feel
This is normal, get over it, its no big deal"
My time was up, I felt even more alone
I guess its something I'll have to do on my own.
I couldnt make her understand, she'll never hurt like I will
Then she looks into my eyes and says "dont forget the bill"