"I'll want a chance to troll for the ladies in my boss new sled."

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So I leave my house at like nine this morning with the intention of going out to eureka to fix my schedule for school and guess which bitch ass sled won't start...MINE!

So I ran around my ghetto apartment complex in the hopes that someone had jumper cables so I could get my battery running again, and of course, no one did!

And this wouldn't have been such a problem if my mom had just left us the spare set of keys to her van before going out of town...but no, couldn't do that (the brakes are fucked right now anyway so it's probably not the safest thing to drive), for all i know she has perfectly good cables tucked away in there.

Anyway I finally got desperate enough to ask the dude parked out in the SBC van (phone/highspeed internet) if he could help me out, he was actually quite nice, but no he didn't have any jumper cables, he did however suggest that I ask the people in the taxi that was waiting in the parking lot, taxi=jumper cables, yes?

well no, the people in the taxi did not have jumper cables, anyone care to hazard a guess as to why? Why yes, that's right, because the "taxi" in the parking lot is my fucking car that won't start! I then got to explain to SBC man that the taxi is actually my car, and that it was in fact once a taxi, but is now retired, broken and owned by me....

do you think this is bad karma in return for naming it Death cab for Parker/ Henshaw's speed demon? Or maybe it just hates me because iti knows that I'm going to be driving it from arcata to eureka and back five days a week at like 7 a.m.?

My car is exacting revenge upon me because I decided not to go to Arcata high and I put stupid purple dice and AP test booklet stickers in it....

Buggery and the stupid counsellor fucked me over yet again....

Damn you random man who sold me a car off the street, damn you!


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I just got a new car, I named her Zia, I don't know why though.

My schedule didn't turn out that bad for once, although I had to ditch french 4 for bio 3... French is my love... but I already took the IB test so it's not a requirement.

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."