im sorry.. i didnt realize how many old poems i had saved

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"A Graduation"
Im gone
Im out of this place
Just look at my face
I dont need this anymore
There's more in store
They'll miss me
I wont miss them
I wont have a care
I'll be out there
Makin' a difference
Changin' the world
No more looked down on
I'm a strong little girl
Look out yall
Here I come

I'm not done

I'm just beginning
If this were a game
I'm winning
Those I've left behind
Are out of my mind
They need me,
I'm sure
But I've got a future.
I've got a promise
I've got a goal
So much to change
I'm just on soul
I've got the world at my finger tips
You want my secret?
Read my lips:
i AM strong
i AM invincible
i am FREE!
Thats me
That's it, you see?
I'm all I can be.
I'm what you breathe,
I'm what you need.
I don't need you,
This is true.
But you'll need me.
You'll come begging
I'll give you a bit,
Look over the times
I was treated like shit.
I dont need you anymore
I dont need you
I dont need
I dont...
But you'll need me.