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i just started high school last week. i havent made many actual friends, but just a few kinda-sorta friends. and surprisingly enough, ive come out to most of them. and i've been making it seem more of a casual thing than this huge big deal i used to think it was. i mean, sure, it is huge, and its part of who i am, but it doesnt matter as much as i thought it might to people. i mean, i can tell a couple of them are taken aback, but oh well.
i dont care that much.
if they have a problem with it, fuck off.
so in the past 10 days ive told...micah, elin, (have i told kenyon? maybe), bonnie, gabby, maggie...
thats it. oh and someone else...shit, i forget his name.
its kind of a relief to know that they dont mind.

oh but no.

my band died.
i have no life anymore.
no passion.
i am...
no one.
without my dear,

oh, boo hoo.
i guess i better start playing guitar.


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I'm glad high school's going well for you, and you've gotten comfortable enough with your sexuality to come out casually. Good luck with making closer friendships! And I'm sorry your band died.

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