Its over, were done

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Yeah, I knew it was comng, yet it still hurts. She wasnt just a girlfriend.... but my only friend. They only person who would listen to me. I cant blame anyone. It wasnt me and it wasnt her.... it was 65 FUCKING MILES! Well I guess there is someone to blame for that. Thank you mom for moving me to ELK GROVE away from everyone to a place where being GAY is like having the Plauge. It hurts, its painful, but what can I do. Its her choice.


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im sorry, that sucks. you cou

im sorry, that sucks. you could do with a hug im guessing *hugs*

-just another handsome dyke-

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Thanks mate... hugs feel good right now.

Who are you to tell me what normal is?