Job Hunting

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Wow I think I have been every where and then some.
I put in for jobs that I don't know if I can handle
but I need to get rid of this job I've got know
before they think its fun to screw me over even more
My manager said I have last a little longer than
most gay and lesbian workers. I am not going to
stay somewhere that I am unwanted. A girl who
works there asked me if I could baby sit her kids
she says I am amazing with kids. I was like sure.
I had my god kids yesterday and they where with me.
When I went into work. I had to get my schdule
and I was able to control a one year old and a six
year old. She was surpised that I paid for them to eat and
was able to control them during their meal with little
to no mess left. I was like I know what it's like
to take a kid into a restart and then have the poor
waitress have to clean up the mess hello I am a waitress
and I have had people do it to me. But I said sure
I would babysit her kids anytime she needed me to and
I have baby sat before so to me it is no big deal
I just want a job that respects my hours at school
and working with the kids at my GSA and working with
my mentore. He is a lot of fun and he is just having
fun being in the program and I like mentoring him.