Just the good poems

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Tonight I watched a storm roll in
It was like the first night we spent togehter
Watching a storm roll in sitting on the hood of my car
Flashes of light rolling of thunder followed
by silence but we talked the whole time getting to
know each other talking about are past and what we
wanted in the future
So tonight I knew we where only friends who knew
each other so well who had something but gave it
up like a storm we stayed friends but we rarely
talk or see each other
So I took a visit to the past but when I look
back I don't regret anything I'm glad I had what I had
with you I closed the door to the past and
all I had with you and open one to the future which
is uncertain but I am finally calm as I watch the
storm cease

Little Bit part 2

I've been with you forever with every tear I've
cryed my life becames less and less I miss my life
and I don't want to be alone you know why I want
to get back to the girl I was
I left the little girl behind I though I left
her in capable hands and even as she cryed I told
a lie and buryed her deep away cause I didn't want
to be her anymore. Know I wish for my innocents and my
navieness back
I have became a adult in a cold adult world I've
became alone and have no one to lean on I hate this
AND I hate who I've became so much because I know more than
any soul should