Just want to let you know

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Hum. That is really not true. But never the less
I have been in a stage lately where nothing sounds
right or good and I have writers block. I am keeping
whatever I write no matter how bad it sounds. I
am not really writing a lot. I am just doing a lot
of stuff and I meet the guy I am to mentor. He seems
really cool. I actually took him shopping. I have
never seen a straight guy who likes to shop. I hate shopping
but I had things I needed to get for the car and the house
and it was the only place I could go to get it done.
I really want to get to know him more. He is just
really nice but he seems to need some guidance in
the world. He seems like the kind that wants to
have fun but only ends up in trouble because of it

Oh yes on another subject anyone seen the new expexdia
commerical that clearly targets gays? It sterotypes
gays really bad and it is just I don't know it is
just there.
I Heard from my sister this morning at 5am. Its
about 11:51am here know and I am not sure why she
called I was half asleep something like she wanted to let
me know that she was going back to Spain and takingBethlina
with her. I was like o.k. I am cool with that but I
was just asleep so at that moment I was cool with
just about anything that was going on around me.
My girlfriend and I have broken up and its offical know
everyone knows it. She came into work last night and
made a huge scene and then stormed off saying she hated me and
she never ever wanted to see my again. How do you
deal with that when there are about 200 onlookers.
I walked away. I am not going to have a fight with
my co-workers and customers looking on. I walked off
and she stormed out. I wasn't going to handle it
in a public area thought. It's between me and her not
the whole world me and her. So I just walked off.
I feel like maybe I shouldn't have but I wasn't going
to fight or yell at her in public even thought she
did it to me. I wasn't about to do it to her. I know
yesterday it may have sounded like I was jealous of
her for her coming out being all accepted but I am
not I am glad she had a good experience I just
don't like that she takes something so small and
throws it out of proportion. Like she wanting me
to hit her. She had that shine to her eyes when I had her
pin to that wall about to hit her like "come on hit me"
and in that I relized if did I would be wrong and
I wasn't about to hit anyone. I wasn't about to have it all
come down around me because she acted like she wanted
me to hit her. I am learning right know to control
my temper and not to let people get me in that position
ever ever again.


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good luck

That's pretty inconsiderate of her to blow up on you at work. No offense, but this girl seems a bit dangerous...why would she want you to hit her?? Is she a masochist or does she just wanna slap a law suit on you?

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I think she just likes pain. It seemed like
maybe that was the issue when we started to
date that she liked pain and I am not into that.
I don't know