Just Why?

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Why can you have everything you dreamed you could have at this moment in your small pathetic life and suddenly it changes, it ends, it becomes different. You move, you're on the verge of getting dumped and suddenly your opinion counts when never before has it mattered what you thought.
You try to speak out, automatically its your hormones acting out. You're to young to know hard times. How could you? You've only been around for less than twenty years.
You have no say in the world, hell even school elections are jacked. Vote for the most popular, not the best canidate. Out in the real world people starve and die. But you can't vote to help save them, no! leave all that to the adults. No Gay marrige. You look around and notice a lot of your friends aren't straight. Infact most are bisexual. What if they choose to marry the same sex, they couldn't. But you're still to young to understand, so instead let me force feed you the bible, I really dont care if you dont agree with what it says.
Don't mix with that race hang with that person. I know there type. What type? What race? When was seperation so important. Don't worry though, Mummy and Daddy know best. Look they only had to get divorced from eachother, fight over who got to own you, and argue over who's weekend it really is. Now don't worry, you don't get a say in that either. Adults know best.
Try this, dont try that. Stay away from that side of the road. Walk the long way home. The one thing they get right. But if we are denied the learning experience of getting high then coming down, the unwanted pregnancy, dropping out of high school, and of course the suicide, how will we ever learn anything. Wait, this one our parents have real evidence for. A cousin who is mental, the sibling who steals your money everytime she comes over so she can shoot up and maybe still pay the rent, and the little grave site of a lost sibling of theres. The one thing they can be right about, but yet so wrong at the same time.
Ponder these thoughts as you remember your life.


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That was a powerful piece of writing.

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I take it you have patronizin

I take it you have patronizing parents also.

Everybody's doing it..

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so true.

so true.

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cheer up

when you turn eighteen you're an adult. YOur parents can forcefeed you stuff, but they ccan't force you to swallow. You know this saying, "you can lead a jack-ass to water, but you can't make him drink."

Your parents think that they're taking care of you...at least they care enough to try, even though it appears that they're failing miserably, because they've earned your resentment.

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That really was an excellent

That really was an excellent piece of writing. And I know exactly what you mean. The truth is, the people that are currently running the world are in an entirely different generation from the majority of the people living in it. It's them who can't possibly understand what's going on in the world. It's them that shouldn't have any say. Seriously, if queers ran the world, it would be a much better place. And not just queers, but our straight allies too, because if they're accepting of us, they'll be accepting of everything. We need leaders who are accepting of all kinds of cultures, races, ethnicities, orientations, and anything else you can think of. Everyone is so closed-minded, it's a wonder we ever get anything done...oh wait...we don't.