Locker help?

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Umm yeah I forgot how to open a locker.

Could someone help me out here?
I just rather look like an idiot to strangers on the internet than at school...


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I have same problem

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heres how to open the locks that i know

1. go clockwise past the first number twice then land on it.
2. go counterclockwise past the first number once then land on it.
3. go clockwise to the first number and then open it.
i hope that it helps and that i made it clear enough. its hard to explain.

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Not only do I tend to forget

Not only do I tend to forget my locker combination but last year it was in the science wing way across campus and ididn't have science. Toward the end of the year I went to get soem paper out of it (i store emergency school stuff in there in case I run out) And they had double assigned it, which my schools doesn't do.

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