Long Time

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One of those weeks it seems. My computer has been
in the shop till today. Today I got it back and so
much has happened that I feel the needed to
write it all down. Well last night one of are girls
who was working cash passed out and I had to step around her
and run her cash res. Till someone else got one.
I got chewed a new asshole for it. Handleing someones
money that wasn't mine. I was like what do you want
me to do when we have a line of customers and no
cashier. So I was the only one up there at that point with the
ability to run the computer. Well this morning I
found out I got to keep my job and my manager apologized
but still that doesn't make it any better. Well
Friday we all decide to go out Well one of the girls
decide that even thought I am a dkye she would
invite me. I decide to go even thought I pissed some
people off in the process of doing that.It was fun to go
to a local club and just hang out with some friends
outside of work who meet me there and we played pooled
danced and just had fun. I went and hung out with
V and K the other night and that was fun. I have been
recording a lot of the cd lately and that is a
thing to get away from work and school. Cause I am
now back in school.