'Lost' The TV Show

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Anyone else a fan of this? I'm in the UK- and so I'm quite behind those US fans, but I was hooked from the very first episode I saw! I'm just hoping for some slash, seeing as there's so many characters and it's suppsoed to be 1 in 10 or 1 in 16 people are gay.

I'm also getting a big crush on Claire- and I think Charlie is awesome :D

Please post, but warn about spoilers for all those who are only about 4/5 episodes in.


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Just finished season 1. I did

Just finished season 1. I didn't follow it religiously, except for the finale (and for three weeks in a row I thought it was the last episode). It's from the creator of Alias, another good show, and I can see the similarities between both shows: characters split between believers and sceptics; the question of whether something seemingly ridiculous could be true; a never-ending goal (destroy SD-6/The Covenant, get off the island).

Though really, it amazes me that I actually give a damn about Lost, considering how absurd the plot is. Yet, I do, more than any other TV show at the moment.

If Sawyer stopped being such an ass and fixed up his dotty beard, he'd be really hot.


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yeah. i love that show

i watched it every week. the next day at school, a group of us in my homeroom would always talk about the show. i cant wait until the next season starts.

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It kicks ass!

I live in the UK too, and have become an obsessive about watching it. A great show with the potential to really develop into the X-Files sort of scale. And Charlie is both cool and fit - ooh, yes I like that image.
And its on tonight!!!Wooooh!

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