Miranda's Rescue--or why the hell do I have to give up my dog?

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Miranda's rescue is going to be calling tomorrow, they take in dogs and place them with good homes.

I have to talk to them about Elizabeth my brother's 6 year old rot/shepard mix . she's the sweetest fucking dog on the planet, and the only one I've ever actually had a chance to bond with. I took care of her when I was living with my brother and he was working afternoons and nights, I walked her, fed her, took her out, and played with her, and she acted as my protection in the little crappy neighborhood we were living in at the time.

But now everything has gone to shit and we can't keep her because we don't have a place where she can stay. I'm a bit torn between being bloody pissed that I'm being left with the responsibility to set up the appointment with the Miranda's rescue people to get rid of the dog I've grown to think of as my own, and crying because I don't want this to happen.

I actually have to sit at home tomorrow and wait for them to call so that I can tell them all about this fantastic dog in an attempt to get them to take her so that she won't have to be put down. I feel so fucking shitty! Like I'm selling her out or something, like I'm betraying her trust.

This sucks!!!


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I know how you feel. I have l

I know how you feel. I have lost sooo many animals. It really does suck. She will always remember you though and you will always remember her. See if you can give her to a family member where you can still see her once in a while. That would be better than totally giving her away.


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It's to the point where this

It's to the point where this is really the only option that my brother and I have, I recognize this but it still sucks. Lizzy has been staying with some of our friends for the past few months because we've been putting this inevitability off. I even had her staying with my friend for over a month even though she's not technically "my" dog...we don't have family that can take her, we don't have anyone that is in a position to care for her which really sucks, I mean my brother has had her since she was a puppy and could fit in the palm of his hand.
she used to sleep with me (she's a rather large dog too....)

If I'm going to look at the situation and evaluate it properly I know deep down that this is the best thing for her, Miranda's Rescue places dogs iwth good safe loving homes and that's really what she deserves and in spite of how much I desperately wish that I could sneak her up into my apartment and hide her in my room, i know that I can't.

When I posted my brother had just left after telling me that I was going to have to deal with the people that are going to take her, and I guess ultimately be the one to give her up.

I just really hope that she ends up with good people that will give her what she deserves, which is more than I can.

Thanks for your comment though.

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