Not sure what to do.

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I'm really upset. I wanted to tell my dad that I'm a lesbian, but I couldn't. I decided the first think I should do, was to find out what his feelings are about homosexuals. I asked him what he thought, and about gay marraige and stuff like that so I would know what to expect when I came out to him. He completely freaked, and acted as if homosexuals were bad people. He went on about how its wrong to be gay. So I didn't tell him I was gay because I knew he would freak. It hurts so much that I can't even tell my dad the truth about me...I just don't know what I should do.


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I understand how much it hurts. My father's ok with homosexuality, but my grandfather sure isn't. He HATES gay people, he thinks they're wrong, sinners, sick. It's really upsetting because you want them to accept you, and you're willing to hide who you are for acceptance, which is wrong of them to do to us. We have to be the older, more accepting ones in this case.
Here, this is a great site, and maybe some of the articles will help. Good luck! <3

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I'm really sorry to hear that

I'm really sorry to hear that.

Does your mom know?

In your case it might be best to wait to tell him until you are not dependant on him, for food and clothing or for money. I know that sounds harsh, but I still think it's important for your parents to eventually know, even if they don't take it so well.

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I didn't do this, but if I we

I didn't do this, but if I were in your sit, I would first come out to an adult that I know would be cool about it, or come out to some of my close friends. This way, you have a safety net so if your dad REALLY freaks out about you being a lesbian, you have somewhere to run. Like, if your aunt, just for a random analogy, knew about you and was cool, you could call here and ask her to get you out of there (I mean, just in case, he goes psycho). Plus, see if you can go to the local gay outreach center, if you have on near you. Just tell your dad when he drops you off for a meeting that its like, a therapy session someone recommended (or something, you don't have to tell him it's a gay meeting). That center can help you in many ways.
Just some ideas. . .

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