Oh, the Mighty Gods of Secondary Education Hath Smiled Down Upon Me

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My new year starts exactly eight days from today.

I was totally dreading it, but I just now got my schedule, and it is INSANE. In a good way. Kind of.

Basically my whole course load is made up of electives (except for like one class). That means that though I recieved the same credit, they're all these weird and interesting semester-long courses (well, some of them are year long).

Anyway, they rock, and I'm psyched, and though I know you all don't care, I'm going to post them.

My normal classes:

Spanish IV
Algebra 2

My rockin' classes:

Planet Earth: Human Impact & Sustainable Lifesyle
British Literature
Photography III
Comparative Economics

Aw, man. I got so fucking lucky. All the teachers rock, too.

Yayyyy :D


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yay :)

You go to a wicked cool school to be able to take courses like that.

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Why don't the British have such cool classes???

I'll always be.... yours fatally....

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glad you got so lucky - enjoy

glad you got so lucky - enjoy!!!

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