okay im new here.. i need a place to post my old poems... and btw i dont have titles for anything ever. ah well

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Forbidden love, it comes so sweet
Like as a graceful dancer cooly glides on her feet. Forbidden love, it Forbidden love, it comes without warn
Like a great ship who's sail, by the weather, is torn.

Forbidden love, its revealed to none
Like a virginity kept precious by a most devout nun.
Forbidden love, its revealed to self
Like a spiritual awakening when one loses her health.

Forbidden love, it hurts to bid away
Like the loss of the hope for a fresh new day.
Forbidden love, it kills to remain
Like a masochist thrives in feeling her pain.

Forbidden love, how can it last,
Like the holocaust, will it be placed as just past?
Forbidden love, I dont know what to do?
Like a love struck fool, dare I tell you?