Once the ball gets rolling...

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I came out to two people in two minutes, three people tonight, and four people in one week - several new records. Coming out was easier tonight then ever before as well.


I was working today at my restaurant. It's my last day there. Then some students from my school, in lower years, came in. They were joking around a lot, and a girl there asked me to choose between a guy and another girl at the table, since both of them "had a crush on me". They asked if I was single, and I replied that I am. Then they asked if I was gay, but didn't wait for a response. They joked around more, and noticed that I had changed my name-tag to [the character in my avatar] (my boss never seemed to notice this). Some of them started smoking, so I wasn't interested in hanging around them much.

As the girl I knew best at the table went out, I followed her out and told her that the answer to the question was yes. It took her a few seconds to realise, but then she smiled, said "okay, cool", and went off.


Barely a minute after this, a very androgynous female colleague whom I heard was openly lesbian was going back, so I called her to the back of the restaurant and asked her if she was gay. She was. So, I came out to her as well. She said she'd been going well with her ex-gf for eight years, and had even tattooed her name on her back, but lost her to a guy. Since then she had a new girl. She told me that a guy friend of mine is bi. I have to confront him about this, but it's great to hear. Unfortunately, he's just not my type, and I'm leaving in eleven days.


Then I decided to tell another female colleague of mine that I was gay, again at the back of the restaurant. She was cool with it. She told me to send photos of any bfs I get when I'm in New Hampshire as "all the good-looking guys are gay". I thanked her for the compliment.


I came out to a girl who used to work with me there at the restaurant about a week ago, on msn (a stupid way to come out, I know). She'd been trying to imply that having Aragorn as a display pic suggests I have homosexual tendencies. Since I'd been pretending not to realise what she was getting at, she asked me straight out on msn.

She told me that she was questioning. She liked dancing with girls, sleeping in the same bed with them and the way they smelled. But she also liked guys. I told her that she should experiment to figure things out when she goes to the US (she's going to be at uni in Maine), which I think she will do.

V: Summary

Which makes me out to:
Family members - at least 3
Friends - 10
(Former) teachers - 3

Total: at least 16

Number of GLBQ people I know offline: 4


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Hey. Good 4 u! I wish i was o

Hey. Good 4 u! I wish i was out to that many. Good luck in New Hampshire...


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It's just so much easier comi

It's just so much easier coming out to a girl isn't it?

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Yes, it is. Guys are a lot mo

Yes, it is. Guys are a lot more complicated to come out to.


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wow, way to go...coming out g

wow, way to go...coming out gets easier everytime i find.

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