Once upon a time..

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So like.. a -WICKED- long time ago i wrote two short stories and
posted them on Oasis (Shine Empty Soul and Smile Beautiful Angel
anyone?) and it just so happens that i finished the set (yes it
was a trilogy?!) like five months after i began it.. So I'm wondering
if i should post the final part here on oasis.. You can still find
the first two parts in my journal.. but without reposting the whole
thing (which.. took along ass time)

It was a pretty good story (in my opinion *cough*) and i think it
got some nice responce. So anyway.. I don't know if i'll post here..
since you kinda need to know the first two parts to know what's
going on in it.

So anyway.. if anyone remembers those two stories and wants a finisher
then email me or talk to me on some IM service..

ledworldnuke@hotmail.com (MSN)
ledworldnuke (AIM)
sanity_struggle2006@yahoo.com (Yahoo!)