One last Thing Before I go...

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this goes with the last, i was about to sign off when i decided to go back through
my entries and read the comments that people had written about my work.
i want to say, how much i appreciate you guys.
i always have, even when you gave an email or something and i never wrote,
i have always been so happy to felt as though ive been apart of something that is awesome
and inspires others to keep going.
ive never considered this site a blog, or a place to rant, or a place to hide even, it was more so a place
to be understood it seems,
and for that i thank you all.
i am working on publishing some of my work, i have no idea how long it will take, gosh
i hope not longer than it takes to write it, hahaha, but if there is anyone who would like
something, because damnnit im getting this stuff published if its the last thing i do,
i aint goin down wihtout a fight neither, hahaha, anyway as i was saying, you can email me at the address
i posted at my last entry "signing off" only a few mins ago. i feel i owe you guys something.
i love writing and i love my poetry, and it seems there are others who do as well.
i know im good, but im wondering just how good i can get?
well if you dont want to email me at my box, then send a note here , i guess ill just check it in a week
i dont know how long this will take , maybe months who knows.
luckily i have connections hahaha, anyway, there are some of you who will be getting
some poetry whether you want to or not damnit you know who you are, i hope. lol

oh yes and before i finally go, i want to thank adrian for keeping the site what it is.
your awesome. lol
i want to thank anyone behind the scenes because as ive said before its been great.
yeah this is a long goodbye, because im afriad to let go, how silly.
that would be hilarious if no one read this,
or even so if a bunch of people did, who dont know who i am.
yes well i guess im going now,

" And i am seized by long forgotten yearning
For that kingdomof spirits, still and grave;
To flowing song i see my feelings turning,
As from aeolian harps, wave upon wave;
A shudder grips me, tear on tear falls burning,
Soft grows my heart, once so severe and brave;
What i possess, seems far away to me,
And what is gone becomes reality."
-Goethe's Faust Dedication last stanza