one of the published ones.. i dont remember the title

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God, the sky is pretty,
colored blue, a hint of pink.
The world is a beautiful place.
Enhanced mostly by you I think.
I cant FATHOM your beauty
it has no description, no place
the soft, silky hair;
deep dark eyes on your perfect face.
I spend my time looking left or to the right
Cause when my eyes meet yours
They are glued there all night.
My heart skips no beat,
It stops altogether
I get a sinking feeling,
I feel as light as a feather.
And all I want to do
Is stay in that place always
and soak in all your beauty
being more and more amazed.
Do you know how you control me?
You're my heart, my joy, my thrill.
Without even touching you,
You satisfy my fill.


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I think this one is my favori

I think this one is my favorite of yours, though they're all very good. Poetry has never been my specialty; I'm more of a story person myself. But anyway, I do really like this one. :)

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cool beans! ~I am Jack's lac

cool beans!
~I am Jack's lack of surprise
~"I need someone physically stronger than me... I am always on top. It's really unfortunate. I am begging for the man that can put me on the bottom. Or the woman. Anybody that can take me down"