Our Town

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Our Town

The city grows up and outward
despite our little house.
There are breaks in our careful world.
You should stop trying to make meaning where meaning
is not. The planes swoop over our town.
We’ve learned not to see them,
or at least not to mention it.
Stop trying to force things to mean something.
Your mistakes were many and varied.
I loved you anyway.
Please don’t try to hide it.
I remember your shaking hands, the shine
of your sweat on the steering wheel.
That car moved faster.
I didn’t mean to break the bottle but the bottle
broke anyway.
The reason we no longer speak that language
is not that we forgot it,
despite what they may have told you.
I wrapped my hand around
the awful orange bottle like the bottle
was your heart.
I threw my pills away.
Years ago you said you thought
I couldn’t do it.
But you have done a lot of things
I thought you couldn’t do.


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very cool

I liked this a lot, though I'm not quite sure exactly what it's about. (I've got a few ideas.)
I can relate really well to the emotions in it, and the way you describe things...the imagery is beautiful.

I love your style.

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in awe

I feel like that a lot...though i can't say what you feel is at all what i'm going through. Universal words perhaps. I, too, think you're a good writer.

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well done!

eventhough i don't know what part of your poem was about, you really created a mood that i can relate to.

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This poem is absolutely beautiful.
You are talented.
Please keep writing!